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        Explore Our Family of Brands

        2000 MAX PSI / 3.5 MAX GPM

        2000 MAX PSI / 3.5 MAX GPM

        Electric Pressure Washer with POWERflow+ Technology

        Give your outdoor cleaning a powerful boost with the 2000 MAX PSI* pressure washer with POWERflow+ Technology?.


        MAX PSI


        MAX GPM

        1 Year

        Limited Warranty


        No. of Spray Nozzles


        POWERflow+ Technology?

        Put the power of extra water flow to work and conquer jobs other pressure washers can't touch - like reaching high areas and quick-power rinsing.

        Patented Pump

        Now you have the power to command the right mix of high pressure and high flow to master any job.

        7-in-1 Nozzle

        Switch between jobs with just a few clicks and open the door to new cleaning potential.

        Tough Welded-Steel Frame

        Be ready for whatever unexpected impact comes your way with a durable frame that gives you added protection.

        Durable Brushless Induction Motor

        Get extra peace and peace of mind with a reliable motor that runs quietly year after year.

        Convenient Foldaway Design

        Reclaim your garage space with a foldaway design that can be tucked away in small spaces.

        Soft Grip Gun

        Eliminate fatigue and sore hands during long jobs with a grip that's custom-designed for comfort.

        20 ft. High-Pressure Hose

        Reach higher with your cleaning potential with 20 feet of flexible hose that's built to endure hard work and high pressure.

        Integrated Detergent Tank

        Upgrade your cleaning potential in seconds by simply adding soap to the integrated detergent tank.

        Performance You Can Trust

        As a member of the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association (PWMA), Briggs & Stratton tests every power washer it designs through a third-party testing program to validate our claims of performance.


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        Model Number
        Torque (ft-lbs, gross)**
        Pump Type
        Spray Tip/Type
        Adjustable Spray Nozzle
        Number of Spray Nozzles
        Hose Length (ft)
        Cleaning Solution Injection System
        Thermal Relief Valve
        Weight (lbs)
        Length (in)
        Width (in)
        Height (in)
        Consumer Warranty (Product) ***
        1 Year Limited

        * This pressure washer is rated in accordance to the Pressure Washer Manufacturer' Association (PWMA) standard PW101-2010 (Testing and Rating Performance of Pressure Washers).
        ** All power levels are stated gross torque at 2600 RPM per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs & Stratton.
        *** See operator's manual or www.yisz1.com for complete warranty details.



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