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        Explore Our Family of Brands

        QuietPower? Series Inverter Generator

        Quiet Confidence

        Designed to give you quiet confidence during power outages, the Q6500 QuietPower? Series Inverter Generator is more than 60% quieter* than standard generators and can deliver 6,500 starting watts** of reliable backup power.

        • Quiet Power

          QuietPower Series inverter technology and a noise-cancelling shell give you power that's 60% quieter* than standard generators.

        • Fuel Efficient

          Inverter technology also leads highly-efficient performance and a 14-hour run time**.

        • Compact and Lightweight

          With a design that's 45% more compact**** and 30% lighter**** than standard generators, it's easy to move and store.

        *As tested per ISO3744 sound power standard when compared to standard generator 030607
        **At 25% load
        ***Versus a standard generator 030607
        ****Versus a standard generator 030607

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